04 January 2014

Call of Juarez : Gunslinger

Call of Juarez Gunslinger demonstrates a cowboy era first person shooter video game that will keep you occupied to your video game console for hours. The story is a flashback from the main character who drop by a bar in a town and have a chat with the town's folk. Actually he is on a mission to find the culprit who kill his brothers a long time ago.  

Call of Juarez Gunslinger - free direct download

This game is quite good. Of course it's different from The Battlefield or Call of Duty franchise. In the end of the game, there is some surprise happened in the game. Want to know what it is? Go and grab the game then...

Game FPS zaman koboi ni menjanjikan keseronokan permainan yg berpanjangan. Jalan ceritanya adalah flashback yg diceritakan oleh seorang koboi yg singgah di sebuah bar kpd pelanggan bar tersebut. Koboi tu sebenarnya dlm misi mencari pembunuh dua org saudaranya pada masa lalu.

Best main game ni. Rasa lain sangat drpd main Battlefield atau Call of Duty. Pada pengakhiran game ni, akan ada sedikit kejutan yg mengejutkan. Haha, apa dia? Kena main game ni, baru tahu...

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